The Nomad Walk
The Nomad Walk is a friends of friends network for adventurous and creatives souls. Discover a series of top-notch curated adventures happening around the world with open and incredible like-minded people.
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About The Nomad Walk
We select the best travel experiences from the best adventures creators so you can discover where to go next and find other like-minded members ready to go on the same adventure.
Boutique adventures
Discover a series of top-notch curated adventures from the best adventures creators around the world and book your next travel experience with open and like-minded people.
Extraordinary people
Join a family of intrepid travelers and get to know people who do not decide to become extraordinary. Instead, they choose to accomplish extraordinary things. We aim for an overall equal gender balance experience.
Creative souls
We aim to assemble a community of members that have something in common. Our members mostly work in creative industries, with the film, fashion, tech, advertising, music, art and media sectors, among others, heavily represented.
Unique outdoor activities
Do everything you've dreamed of and more. Be brave, take risks. Nothing can substitute experience. You were never meant for ordinary. It's time to do something you've never done before.
The Nomad Walk
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Find a sense of belonging and start connecting with an extraordinary community of adventurous souls. Available for the web, iOS, and Android.
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Join The Nomad Walk and share your story, make local and global connections and have fun while traveling around the world with open and extraordinary like-minded people.
The Nomad Walk
What you'll find
Top adventures
We find the best adventures creators for you to ensure a memorable journey that will go above and beyond your expectations.
Top people
Join an obsessively-curated, pre-vetted community of like-minded members who choose to live, play and work hard while enjoying life traveling together.
Top topics
The Nomad Walk makes it easy to meet the people you want to meet around a shared interest.
"There was nothing to talk about anymore. The only thing to do was go."
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It takes time and resources to build an active community, but we won't make it without you. That's why membership is free for all our members. We will find an alternative way to cover the cost of the platform. Together we will make it happen.