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The Nomad Walk
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We select the best travel experiences from the best adventures creators so you can discover where to go next and find other like-minded members ready to go on the same adventure.

Explore your boundaries and post your travel and coolest lifestyle photos to get the chance to win exclusive perks. Every month we select the best photo of the month.
Give and Get
Give and Get is a dedicated section for all members that want to give something valuable to other members of the community. Let's call our own "pay it forward" chain.
Travel apps
Powerful tools for a powerful life. A collection of the best travels apps for adventurous souls.

Discover the most innovative travel brands around the globe that bring the coolest products in the market.
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Welcome section
Stay updated with the pinned posts in the Welcome section — including polls, articles, questions and events. You can always ask a question directly to everyone in the network.
Upcoming adventures
Finding upcoming adventures has never been that easy. See who's going and join the adventure of a lifetime with open, creative, like-minded people. We select the best adventures creators to deliver top-notch curated experiences directly to you.
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Get to know all the members of the community by chatting on one-to-one private chat or in a group chat.
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